• Drive and facilitate development, implementation, governance and continuous improvement of a process-based and lean Business Management System (BMS) in Operation BU, including both processes owned by Operations and Aker BP Common processes applicable to the Operations BU
  • Ensure Operation BMS processes performance are enabled by appropriate digital tools. (To be worked closely with Sr. Engineer Operations Digital Tools Excellence)
  • Drive and facilitate capability in Operations to ensure BMS processes conformance, continuous improvement and sustainability
  • Ensure Operation governing documents are aligned with and complementary to the management system processes
  • Contribute to vision, strategy and objectives for Operation BMS processes excellence
  • Facilitate and drive scoping and process modelling of BMS processes owned by Operation BU (i.e. Field Development, Production, Decommissioning, Facility Services, Activity Planning and Logistics processes)
  • Drive and facilitate implementation of BMS processes owned by Operation BU, including method, planning, preparation and execution governance
  • Secure Aker BP common BMS processes applicable to Operation BU are aligned with Operation stakeholder requirements (e.g. Risk management, MOC, Governing documents, Information Management, Organisational Learning, Self-verification, etc)
  • Secure implementation of Aker BP common BMS processes in Operation BU as applicable
  • Monitor Operations BU BMS execution and performance
  • Work with Assets, Functions and process owners in driving continuous improvement of Operation BU BMS processes addressing risks and opportunities
  • Drive and facilitate Operations BMS capability ensuring processes conformance, improvement and sustain
  • Work with Sr. Engineer – Operation Digital tools excellence ensuring Operation BMS processes are supported by appropriate tools/applications enabling process performance and flow efficiency
  • Facilitate Operation management of governing documents ensuring they are complementary to the BMS and that there’s no overlap/conflict resulting in deviations and non-compliance
  • Establish interfaces with external companies as appropriate to enable sharing and learning


  • Master degree is preferred. However, a lower degree can be accepted if compensated by relevant experience
  • Deep experience with Business Management Systems, Organisation & Process development and continuous improvement
  • Strong Knowledge of E&P and performance improvement methodology (e.g. LEAN)
  • Change management and influence skills are required


  • Høyskole / Universitet, Hovedfag / Mastergrad /

Personlige egenskaper

  • Strong team player, seeking collaboration with focus on what is best for business
  • Good analytical and strategic thinking, combined with diligence and a strong ability to follow through on agreed actions
  • Good communicator, proactively seeking advice from others and share own experiences with group
  • Good relational skills, in particular between onshore and offshore workers
  • Curious, pro-active attitude and continuous strive for achieving improvements
  • Autonomous and self-motivated
  • Fluent in English and Norwegian


  • Engelsk
  • Norsk

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Ref. nr.: 3469017567
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Arbeidssted: Jåttåvågveien 10, 4020 Stavanger


Geir W. Hjelmeland
VP Operations – Performance and Improvement

Hilde Sigrun Rasmussen
Processes & Tools Supervisor

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