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Drilling and Well Assistance

Application date: 19.07.2018

Start date: August 2018

Duration: End 2018 with option to extend to 2019

Location: Stavanger

Language Skills: English/Norwegian

Job Summary:
* Provide expertise for all Drilling & Wells technical related issues for client's assets and associated activities.
* Ensure and see to that the Operator fulfils Norwegian rules and regulations for all drilling and Wells activities of client's asset fields at NCS.
* Ensure and see to that the work is executed according to agreed programs and at the right quality including technical feasibility and design optimisation.
* The position will demonstrate commitment to the HSSE standards within customer when carrying out the responsibilities. This is done by actively making sure that all work is planned with safety in focus.
* Support the implementation and improvement of client's Management Systems, from an Operators’ mindset, to ensure compliance, assurance and Decision Support Basis

Major Duties & Responsibilities:
a) Provide expertise to facilitate a cost efficient, safe and smooth operation for client development and operations asset fields. Contribute with operational HSSE experience to train and familiarize client's staff with behavioural based safety issues
b) Provide professional engineering input to drilling and wells and prepare presentations and submissions as necessary.
c) Follow up technical issues with the Operator during planning and execution of the drilling campaigns
d) Follow up well engineering and ensure compliance for the project with the Operator with respect to codes and standards for the Drilling work scopes.
e) Follow up daily activity reports from the operator of the various client assets
f) Contribute to a good client internal decision gate reviews and prepare relevant presentations and documentations as required.
g) Support farm-in and other acquisition/BD projects, including data room evaluations.
h) Ensure that there is a process in place to identify, assess and systematically manage risk. Contribute to risk reduction during planning and execution of drilling operations and well interventions
i) Maintain good communication with partners, operators and authorities.
j) Participate in license technical and management meetings.
k) Contribute to and propose HSE audits in close cooperation with other partners.
l) Monitor, plan, evaluate and track performance in development- and exploration drilling operations – conduct Audits as required. Follow up schedule and cost status for the Drilling & Wells work scopes
m) Monitor and follow-up integrity of producing/injection wells
n) Provide HPHT experience transfer as part client's Technology Transfer Programme as required
o) Contribute in the development of governing documents like the Management Manual and License Management Procedure.

Please note: The candidate may be required to undertake some additional duties as may be reasonably expected from him/her by seniors/Management and which must therefore be treated as part of the job.

Physical Efforts: The job involves a significant physical effort comprising of travelling, participation in audits, site inspections both onshore & offshore, standing, walking, throughout the day for short periods (not desk bound)
Mental Demands: The candidate may require applying his/her analytical skills and a certain amount of creativity in solving work related problems that are known to usually occur at the candidate’s level.

Required Education, Training and Experience:
* Academic Background: Qualified degree (bachelor level in Science or Engineering).
* Related Work Experience (Type and years): and minimum 15 years of relevant experience from the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), preferably with broad experience in field development, during different project phases, drilling and intervention operations.
* General knowledge in facilities and process equipment.
* Experience, understanding and insight into Norwegian regulatory requirements.
* Strong understanding of Norwegian HSE management.
* Strong interpersonal communication skills; both verbal and in writing. 

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Drilling and Well Assistance
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