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Host Modification Company Rep/Pipeline, DEH and Riser Expert

For one of our Stavanger based Clients, we are seeking a Host Modification Company Rep/Pipeline, DEH and Riser Expert for their projects, based in Stavanger. This position will be a combined host/riser follow-up and pipeline specialist for the project rest scope. The remaining rest scope on other projects as well as the DEH and other rectifications, will require follow up. The ideal candidate will need to have compentencies covering riser, pipeline, DEH and rest scope. The pipeline and riser knowledge will furthermore be utilized on other assets if needed.

Application date: ASAP by 24.05.18

Start date: ASAP

Duration: End of 2019

Location: Stavanger

Job description:
* Act as the client representative, follow up the host modifications performed by the host operator for the project.
* Coordinate interaction of client disciplines with the host operator project organization. Sustain and further develop working cooperation with the Host operator.
* Provide technical engineering expertise & project management input into execution of the host modifications.
* Manage Host EPCI scope, schedule and budget as appropriate
* Cooperate closely with both the commercial department and the operations department
* Provide input to decisions regarding inspection, possible repair and other activities regarding client pipelines and risers
* Contribute actively to ensure adequate lessons learned reviews, and take learnings as relevant to the Host Modification area.
* Participate in HAZOPs and other HSE related reviews.
* Ensure needed manning level and a competent site follow-up team both for partner and the project Host Modification contractor.
* Contribute to project risk register and follow up on actions relating to risk mitigation measures.
* Prepare technical and progress reports, notes or presentations to support flow of key information to management for decision making.
* Ensure correct and adequate use of project tools.
* Support the execution of audits, quality and design development process for the Host scope.
* Contribute to the management of change process in terms of engineering reviews, potential changes and variation order proposals.


* University degree in relevant engineering discipline

* Minimum five years relevant experience with offshore modification projects, preferably with both operators and contractors.
* Minimum two years of experience as a company representative (contract holder) for a major offshore modification project (or similar) for a Norwegian law based oil and gas supply contract
* Experience in leading technical teams
* Have detailed understanding of all aspects of offshore platforms and their development through project phases into operation.
* Minimum five years relevant experience with risers,pipelines and preferably DEH systems with both operators and contractors.
* Track record in riser/pipeline projects of both front end design aspects as well as construction/installation experience in a multi-disciplinary environment
* Have detailed understanding of dynamic riser systems including ancillary design, materials, strength, riser analysis, construction and installation
* Experience with umbilical/cable dynamic riser systems.

Personal qualities:
* Systematic, creative, open, responsible and entrepreneurial
* Good communicator, proactively seeking advice from others and share own experiences with rest of the group
* Self-motivated
* Team oriented
* Well-developed leadership and management skills

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Host Modification Company Rep/Pipeline, DEH and Riser Expert
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Host Modification Company Rep/Pipeline, DEH and Riser Expert
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